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Enter the world of deep magic

Fued is a very exciting action and adventure game which is based on the quarrel between two great wizards who reside at opposite ends of a vast spread map. There are villages, towns, streams, fields and hedges in between. The task here is that you have to gather different ingredients to mix them and to make different spells for using on your opponent. The game play is a novel type magical world with attractive animations that are based on 16 color EGA graphics . As you put in the ingredients, the space of the spell book is occupied and is freed when you get the best mix to launch a spell attack. To make it more interesting, they have also added other small spells apart from the attacking ones. These spells are to surprise and confuse the enemy. The map is a huge one but you have been provided with a compass to avoid useless navigation. The opponent wizard is though not much sharp but has the cheat option to go through hurdles and walls. So the game is an addictive one which is though easy but makes you think for making a good spell attack. Magic games like Might and Magic 3 and this one really takes you into a fantasy world.

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