Ultima 6

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Return to Britannia!

Although this is one of the lesser entries in the stunning and massive Ultima franchise, in terms of fantasy RPGs, it still stands head and shoulders over most other similar game and is a must play for old-school fans. It's got everything you need in such a game, including a sprawling, epic narrative, a huge world to explore and heaps of depth and customization options. This one has a highly compelling and pretty complex story, and which sees the Avatar (the player) embarking on another adventure to save the land of Britannia, this time from the threat of a mysterious race of gargoyles. The essence of the game is similar to previous installments, being an open world RPG, where you will explore, complete sidequests, engage in combat and seek out treasures. However, there are some notable changes here, including a fully continuous world which makes the game feel more immersive than ever before, which is aided by an increase in detail, while there are also significant changes to the interface, and when combined, make this a superb experience. As far as old-school RPGs go, this series has always been one of the best, and stands alongside the Bard's Tale and Wizardry franchises as a must have, and this sequel is another great entry. The changes help to keep things fresh for veterans, while newcomers will appreciate the streamlining and sense of refinement. The visuals remain full of personality, thanks in part to the wealth of detail on display, while the gameplay is rarely less than gripping, so if you consider yourself an RPG, then this needs to be in your collection.

Top down RPG in the series that is as expansive as ever

Generally, for that that got into the Ultima series, the war stories told begin something like this: I started playing, thinking that I will spend about a few hours with the game. Next time when I looked at the clock it was the next day, my cat was hungry and nervous, and my neck was stiff as it could be, but, I was happy! Yap, some of the Ultima RPGs had that power over players, not all of them granted, but this sixth title is up there with the 4th and the 7th (my personal favorites, don't think these to be universally the better ones!). As always you are the avatar and the world needs you, as the tyranny is all over menacing to bring the world down. You know, story wise, it's the same you against all the world, and then something happens and the plot gets all twisty and you know, you have to prove your allegiance by way of sword and of magic. The graphics of this 6th title are more colorful than older titles; black for ground and blocky bits for constructions are no longer the norm. You'll still need to get acquainted with the party bits, and I suggest you keep a walkthrough around, or at least a how to guide, as some simple commands can be quite intricately implemented. Lovely to play once you get sucked into it, so worth the struggle.

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