Action 2004 Windows Chronic Logic Platformer Puzzle based Adventure Indie

Blob on!

If you're into unusual platformers like Wik & The Fable of Souls then this charming little game will be well up your street. It mixes a wonderfully elegant concept with some simple but effective visuals and some very clever mechanics to great effect and which makes for a hugely enjoyable time. The rather bizarre storyline finds you in control of a blob of tar named Gish who is on an epic quest to find his girlfriend, who strangely enough isn't a blog of tar but rather a human. All this is an excuse for a very original physics-based platformer that sees you sticking to walls, sliding through cracks, pushing over boxes, and solving a whole raft of puzzles while also watching out for and battling the numerous enemies which litter each level. You've got three modes to play through, the Story where you do everything you can to get your girl back, Collection which is like a time attack mode, and Vs where two Gishes fight it out. Gish really is a cracking little game which is only let down by a seeming lack of polish. The essential concept is brilliant and lends itself well to some fun platforming action. The levels and puzzles are well designed and always enjoyable to play through while the physics-based nature is very original. However, this aspect also brings in some frustrations, particularly in the boss fights which often feel very unfair due to the fact that things don't behave how you would expect them to. There's also a general lack of shine in the presentation but if you can get over these aspects, there's a lot of fun to be had here.

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