Wik & the Fable of Souls

Action 2004 Windows Reflexive Entertainment Platformer Puzzle based

Frog it up!

Casual gamers should definitely consider adding this rather bizarrely titled game to their collection as it makes for the perfect piece of pick-up-and-play entertainment. It's got an elegantly simple concept which is well executed and then adds in some charming visuals and a lovely storyline to make a near perfect little game. The game finds you in the role of a frog named Wik who must make his way through a series of platform-style levels by using his long tongue to swing around. You also need to pick up a certain amount of grubs per level which is also achieved with your tongue and which must then be given to your donkey before he goes off looking for them himself. You'll find yourself competing for the grubs with bats, scorpions, and flies, while the story itself revolves around the mystery behind the grubs, which is deeper than you might think. You have both a story mode and a challenge mode to play through here with the former unlocking the mystery behind the grubs and the latter requiring you to complete certain tricks in order to get them to your mule. Wik really is a wonderful piece of gaming. The story is full of personality and character with plenty of surprises along the way and is well told and compelling. The gameplay is simple enough but just as addictive and hugely entertaining for the whole running time. The visuals are also extremely well done with bags of detail, lots of lovely color, and some cracking level design on display. Throw in some excellent controls and you have a great experience.

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