Goofy GoKarts

Racing 2005 Windows Jeppe Nielsen Humorous Go Kart

Go karts, with really cool, entertaining cartoon characters

Goofy GoKarts is a fun arcade racer, that takes the goofiness and the playability of titles such as Mario Kart and translates them into their own game. The graphics are however much more evolved than the 16 bit standard; this is a game that looks like it's a budget one, but a good budget game nonetheless. Having been released in 2005 it's got a well done set of go karts as well as cool tracks. Lollipop and candy looking environmental bits and pieces, and other details take this game and put it in a really interesting looking place, sort of like a cartoon world, but a very much fun and interesting one. Also, the look of the game is a fairly interesting one also because the player characters all look goofy and will definitely be very likeable to kids and those that love not too serious games. Oh, and the karts, they aren't kart looking, but rather they look like miniature tractors and other such contraptions. A funny looking, yet playable racer, all the way. A good download alternative is KartingRace, goofy still, but not as much as this one.

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