FlatOut 2

Racing 2006 Windows Empire Interactive Humorous Off road Unconventional Action Simulation sport Arcade

FlatOut 2 Will make you competitive

Flatout 2 published by Take 2 and developed by BugBear interactive is an action packed demolition derby game that will really get your heart racing. So hold onto your helmet!FlatOut 2 has a great selecting of tracks, modes and most importantly cars. Firstly let's take a look at the cars.The cars are split into 3 classes: Derby, Race, Street and Special. Each class have their own career levels and events. Think of it as Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.The career takes you on a racing, stunt and derby type events. Place in the top three for an ultimate reward, with the prize money you receive you can buy upgrades or a whole new car to stay in the competition. Without a doubt the game can be rather challenging, it's all based on how well you can control your car around the different terrains. Depending on how hard you smash into your opponents you'll earn Nitro which you can use to stay ahead of the pack or catch up. You can also crash out of your car if you get hit too hard or smash into a immoveable force, such as a wall or support beam.Graphics the game holds up well, with beautiful sun rays, motion blur effects and sparks. Even though FlatOut 2 was released 2006 the damaged isn't as detailed as Carmageddon 2 as the cars don't deform on the impact of the object they come in contact with. However the post-processing makes up for it.As you play through the career you'll start to get familiar with the soundtrack, which works with the game 100 and really helps with the heat of the action.FlatOut 2 was the ONLY FlatOut title with LAN and Player hosted Lobbies, which makes it the ideal game to bring to LAN parties with your friends or even hold competitions.One of the best racing games out there, with great damage, events, cars and sense of speed.

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