Ikari Warriors

Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox SNK Shooter Side scrolling

Classic arcade shooter

Now this is an arcade classic, a vertically scrolling shooter in the style of Commando that added in some innovative elements to create a legend. In the arcades, Ikari Warriors was notable for its rotary joysticks which allowed players greater freedom of movement and its two-player mode and while the control system is changed slightly for the home versions, the game remains true to its roots and is still a lot of old-school fun. Plot-wise, things are pretty thin and really the whole game is just an excuse to shoot loads of people and blow stuff up. While simple, the gameplay is undeniably entertaining, especially with two players, with the addition of grenades, tanks and limited ammo adding to the chaos. Graphics are pretty crude but somewhat charming nonetheless, with vibrant colours, chunky sprites and some humorous animations, although the sound fares a little worse, with scratchy, droning effects and music that soon irritate. Ikari Warriors still holds up well today, despite its simple gameplay and for any video game historians or retro fans, this needs to be played. Its innovations influenced a lot of later games and playing it today really brings back those memories of the 1980s and the thrill of the arcade.

Eighties Rambo

Ikari Warriors is one of the oldest shooter games (like Fire Power), made in the early eighties. Your commander General Bonn has been captured in a hostile jungle territory, and now that you're out, you have to go Rambo on everybody and everything on sight. Kill people, blow up tanks, destroy buildings, and don't get killed yourself back. They will be coming from all sides and won't stop coming until they're all dead. You have a lot of weapons, a weapon upgrades are also made possible. The game relies heavy on the action part, so shooter game lovers will have a blast with this game. The game is graphically pretty simple, and there won't be big balls of explosions, but that is expected since we're talking about the mid eighties. But still, both the graphics and animation are pretty detailed and certainly good enough for you to glue yourself to the screen in sweet, murderous fun. Highly recommended for people of all ages!

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