Fire Power

Strategy 1988 Dos Dosbox Silent Software Organized forces Military

Short and sweet

Fire Power is a cool variant of the game Capture the Flag, where, instead of people, you control a tank with which you have to blast your way through enemy territory to get your opponents flag and make it yours. One of the very cool features of the game is the ability to play it in a one on one game against a human player, wether on split screen or via modem. It's always so much fun playing against a live opponent. There are also helicopters, and infantry involved to make the simple game a bit more complex. The game is very addictive and challenging. It's great for players that like a lot of action, but still want to use their head a bit. The graphics are not actually top notch, but the colors are good and the textures adequate, but still a bit grainy. But we're talking about the late eighties, so this is actually all very good for that time. The sound effects, however, are of the most simple kind, and not very good. A bit irritating, actually. All in all, a cool game for an afternoon of action packed fun.

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