Joint Strike Fighter - JSF

Simulation 1997 Windows Eidos Flight Military Military flight

A "must" in your flight simulators collection.

Joint Strike Fighter - JSF is a 1997 flight simulation game, where you are able to control two aircrafts: Lockheed X-35 or the Boeing X-32. The producers from Innerloop Studios did their best to offer a realistic experience in the air to the gamers, and also to provide a unique superior feeling with the options available. The game offers four campaigns, that can be easily selected from the main menu. The two aircrafts put at your disposal use the stealth technology, that makes them the most sophisticated air weapons in our century. They have also the power to launch massive bombardment and the special ability to detect the enemy aircrafts. The modern design allows them to attack at low speed and altitude, being hard to be perceived on the radar. For those that want to get in a genuine action based on strong aerial combats, there is an option that can set the operations, the weather conditions (rain, heat, storms, and so forth), the amount of enemies. I have to mention that the enemies will come in waves after you, that they won't give up until they take you down definitely. In the moments when you aren't chased by numerous opponent airplanes, take the time to admire the environment, because you will be absorbed by what you will see, especially when we are talking about sunsets or sunrises. This is an excellent game that is a "must" to your flight simulators collection.

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