JetFighter III

Simulation 1997 Windows Dosbox Mission Studios Flight Military Military flight

Spin off of Velocity, modern fighter flight game

JetFighter III is a modern, exciting, military themed air combat simulator. In terms of the prerequisites of play, I'd say this one is basic enough; sure not quite as easy to play as an on rails arcader, but you won't need a flight permit either to get to grips with it! So, a cool feature of the game is the satellite generated maps, which, all things considered does for a great, well produced and quite exciting game. Sure, fly too close to the ground and it all becomes a pixelated mess, but then again, this one was released in 97. Controls wise it can be a bit of a bummer if you're not looking for a keyboard and mouse driven game, as this will prove almost unplayable, but with a basic joystick controller you're in business. And so, this or some of the other JetFighter games can be a good start for a military themed flight game, this third one being surely the most polished in the series. Oh, and it has great FX elements, by the way, which further puts it on top of one's fighter games list, quite rare for a game that can actually play on bare DOS.

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