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Tile based puzzler presented game show like

Lexi-Cross is a puzzler that combines a tile based set of mechanics with a few other elements, some of which will ask of you to uncover words, others which will pit you against the Ai. The game is set in a retro future, where robots and androids, sporting metallic parts, like in the pulp covers of 90s Sci Fi comics. The game is thus pretty nice, not too varied and it will take very little to find out if you enjoy the puzzler mechanics or not. The graphics for the puzzling portion are very simple. You get your tiles, blue and yellow (or orange) and you get your in game character uncovering them. You can continue to play indefinitely, facing a small but diverse set of AIs, which are depicted as wacky robots, with their different stories and backgrounds. The game is, as I said, a hit or miss: it might entice you, especially if you like puzzles based on tile arrangements, or it might leave you cold, no matter how cool the presentation might be. So, give it a try and see if you click with it.

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