Mario VGA

Arcade 1990 Dos Software Toolworks Platformer

The classic arcade game ported to DOS

Just so you make no mistake, this is not a recreation of any Super Mario games. So don't expect none of the side scrolling feature adventures of Mario to be captured in this game. Instead the game recreates one of the earlier Mario games, an arcade in which the titular character has to navigate a small, one screen confined pipes ridden place, avoiding goombas or annihilating them by jumping head first into the scenery. The game uses VGA graphics, as the title suggests, but frankly, even if it had used EGA colors and resolution you wouldn't have known, as the maze and the enemies are already very simple in design and color. So, what can I say, if you don't want to get to install an emulator, this DOS version of the game is the closest to the real Mario game, unless you want to scavenge for the original arcade cabinet. At any rate, if you want game such as this one but with another protagonist do give Cyberbig a try. The sound and music is just like in the original while the graphics are similar to the arcade original though they have that 90s DOS patina, mainly due to resolution restrictions or maybe coding. But otherwise the game is fully playable and just as fun as the original.

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