Lone Wolf

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Audiogenic Platformer Myth and legend Action

Another kind of Conan adventure, sidescroller styled

With Lone Wolf what you are offered is an immersive sidescroller world, one that hides a lot of enemies and a lot of traps. Wild beasts, muscle bound men and lots of other dangers await, but you're not no one! Nope, you are THE Lone Wolf, the illest of them all, the most kickass of them all! Yep, you're like a long lost cousin of Conan the Cimmerian, and the world, to suit your manliness, is as hard boiled as any other! Thus, Lone Wolf is the kind of game that you really will love, the kind of game that really knows how to offer you a challenge. So, don't postpone, the time is ripe for an adventure! However, expect a bit of repeating textures, a bit of repeating enemies and a world that is not as interesting or as compelling after the first few levels. The developers kind of slacked off after the first few levels, which is why you won't feel as entertained after a while... Oh, well, I guess you can only get so much out of a muscle man in a muscle challenging universe! At the very least the animations are pretty cool and the style of the game is pretty enticing as well, though not some gem that you'll never forget. Think a less wacky Xargon (but a more polished one!) and a less original mix and you'll know what you're in for!

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