Max Payne 2

Action 2003 Windows Rockstar Games Gangster 3D action adventure

An Experience to Remember

"It wasn't over... I was still alive, my loved ones were still dead, and it would get worse before the end..." - Max PayneI whole-heartedly believe that Max Payne 1 was nothing but a setup to the real story that Rockstar wanted to tell in Max Payne 2. For anyone who disbelieves that games cannot be art, this game is a prime example of how wrong they are. The entire game is crafted like a hard-boiled film-noir dark cop drama. The eerie musical score, the overly dramatic use of dark metaphors, and the dark subject matter all weave together perfectly to create something more than the sum of its parts. I pull this game out at least once a year to relive the events. The game is a conceptual marriage of John Woo and Sam Spade in the modern day setting. This is a game for people who love mystery or detective books, and action games. Watch the trailer, it shows you exactly what to expect, high-octane gunfights with explosions, and the dark and gritty underworld war that rises to the surface. It's a complete experience from start to finish. There's no real need to play the first game in the series as there is a "Previously, on Max Payne" featurette to bring the player up to speed. It's a marvel that I cannot praise too highly.

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