Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Gangster Car and action 3D action adventure

A mental torture

Driv3r is a racing, adventure and shooter game published by Atari, a leading company whose long seniority and experience are based entirely on innovation. Your character named Tanner is a FBI secret agent. Now, can I start? I can't hold it anymore, OK. Don't get fooled by the apparently good graphics!! It's a trap! I am sorry, but I was very happy when I installed this game and I could hardly wait to try it, since it was very similar to Grand Theft Auto. But it wasn't what I expected at all. Driv3r fails to make a good impression even from the start, because the present and frequent glitches stop you from completing the missions efficiently, and they slow you down. Let me give some examples: you will deal with a lot of dying and car crashes when situations are critical; the missions give you the opportunity to drive a lot in the city, but this won't please you if many enemies wil appear from nowhere and kill you after a pleasant ride. And now comes the bad thing: you won't have the possibility to save your game, and you will have to restart the long driving again, which leads to a massive waste of time. Frustrating, right? I thought so. I mentioned above about the critical situations when you have to be fast in order not to fail. Well, instead of concentrating on the pursuits or other missions that require car chases, you have to control your vehicle, because you are going to lose control very quickly. What the hell was wrong with those cars?! And beside of this, the control of the shooting is awful, as if the game prevents you from aiming in the good direction. Weird and extremely annoying. So, the missions are hard and request too much accuracy in spite of the poor and laggy control in the gameplay. Because of these aspects and issues, I didn't see any pleasure in playing this game, and I am sure that those with iron nerves will also lose their patience. The elements that should prevent you from leaving the game are missing and that's why you will get bored. I conclude now with three positive things about it: you will have a good time if you fool around blowing things in the air or get into police chases; you will have the chance to drive a wide range of vehicles; and the last good things were the cutscenes, which were the only ones that calmed me down from the torture of playing.

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