Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager

Sport 2001 Windows Midas Interactive Entertainment Cricket Team management

An independent simulation effort, well done

With Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager you get a really well produced, well delivered and very playable cricket game, the kind that you'd expect from a larger team, for sure! But no, this one was the work of one man, a certain Mr. Oli Norwell, which created a solid simulation engine, and put in there as much graphical support as it could. Still, this is no glitzy game, for those that like to see a game in action. Nope, this is a mathematical game mostly, a numbers and sliders type of game. So don't count on caring too much for those players, but your team winning is sure reason enough to celebrate. Pretty well produced the game is, which is expressed via running of the game that is just not that troublesome, you know, you can trust that everything will be in ship shape even after a long period of calculations. So, yeah, a good game, that offered us an alternative to the International Cricket Captain series which was kind of the only option for most of us, when it came to cricket simulation. Worth playing, for sure!

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