Mind Mirror

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Life simulation

Abysmall psychological test/life sim game

This software tool/psychology babble/interactive fiction product is an experiment in BS artistry, worth half a glance if for nothing else but for showing you the kind of caveats and pseudo babble that was (and continues to be) psychology in the 80s. The premise is that Timothy Leary, the creator of the suite can tell you a lot about yourself based only on the choices that you make during the choose from the options available simulation delivered text based. We've all been here before, giving some online psychological/profile test a go only to find out that is at the most bland and has nothing original or interesting to offer, let alone true to one's nature. But that is mostly what these kind of interactive experiences have to offer, regardless of age and era of release, a portal into bullshit artistry and into the realm of what people hold as common traits with each other. At any rate, as you would expect from a half assed mid 80s application with some graphical elements, you will have a relatively hard time interacting with the suite. If you manage to gather the patience for reading through the very transparent scenarios the game presents you with, and don't mind the boring when not totally non sequitur conclusions, than you might get something out of it. I personally found it mostly bland and aggravatingly open to reading its back logic but couldn't find it in me to actually swallow it, not even when trying hard to treat it with humor. I guess BS artist products have always been cheap and stupid.

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