Little Computer People

Simulation 1985 Dos Activision Life simulation

You little computer friends

Little Computer People is a very cute life simulation game that was some kind of a spiritual predecessor to life sims we know today, like Sims or SimCity. The game is very cute and addictive and very retro, kind of reminds you of having a Tamagotchi when you were a kid, a little pixelated person who you control and raise. You can do the same with your little computer people in a very simple manner - give them errands, play games with them and more. You can see your little people in their rooms presented before you in a 2D model of the house with no walls or windows, and they have their own activity when you're not controlling them, like watching TV, cooking, cleaning etc. Each copy of the game generates its own unique character, so no two copies play exactly the same, which is amazing, if you really think about it and remember that the game is from 1985. The game is having a cool doll house, only the dolls animate on their own and are your special little friends. Very cool! The graphics are very, very nice for that era, very colorful and detailed. I think this game has a spirit none of the newer sim games have, the game really makes you feel like the little computer people are your friends and not just your minions or tools. A fantastic game, a must have!

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