Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

Adventure 2001 Windows Her Interactive Mystery Puzzle based Puzzle

Nancy's on the case!

These Nancy Drew adventures just keep coming and coming and it's amazing just how many titles there are in the series and how the standards rarely slip. Pretty much all the titles in the series, from Message in a Haunted Mansion to Curse of Blackmoor Manor, are top notch adventures which are well worth adding to any junior sleuth's collection. This find sees Nancy in historic St. Louis at the famous Royal Palladium Theater when her friend Maya mysterious disappears. Convinced she was kidnapped, Nancy sets out to find her, certain that she is inside the theater but as it's going to be demolished in three days, she'd better get a move on. What follows is a classic point-and-click first-person adventure which requires you to have your best detective hat on, as you interview suspects, gather clues, solve puzzles, find secret passageways and more in your attempt to find your chum. Although The Final Scene perhaps doesn't stray too far from the Nancy Drew formula, it remains a first class romp that is never less than entertaining. One of the game's strong points is the visuals, which do a great job of bringing the atmospheric world of the theater to life and it's a lot of fun to explore the old hallways. The puzzles too are generally well done, with some real head-scratchers which are very satisfying to solve. The conversations do go on for a bit too long at times but this isn't a huge issue and the characters that you meet and the storyline more than make up for this. Definitely one for the adventuring fan.

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