Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Adventure 2001 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Mystery Puzzle based

Nancy's on the case!

Everyone's favorite teen sleuth is back in yet another of the phenomenally successful series of Myst-style adventures that also includes the likes of Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Message in a Haunted Mansion. This one is perhaps not a good as some of the better entries in the series but remains a highly enjoyable romp that fans of the franchise will certainly get a kick out of. The story this time around finds young Nancy on a skiing holiday near an old castle but she soon ends up on the trail of a legendary treasure hidden by Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution. This might be her toughest case yet but there's no way Nancy's going to let this one slip through her fingers. In terms of gameplay, this is very similar to earlier installments, particularly its immediate predecessor, the aforementioned Haunted Mansion, this being a first-person point-and-click adventure where you can rotate 360 degrees through each scene to help you investigate more thoroughly. This is very much a standard Nancy Drew game which isn't ever bad in any department but it just lacks the magic of the other titles. The story is pretty compelling and should keep you going to the end, with the usual mix of thrills and spills while the gameplay is enjoyable enough, with a nice mix of puzzles types and which are both challenging and satisfying. There are a few issues, like the repetitive music and the occasionally frustrating back-and-forth but apart from these minor faults, this remains a solid adventure.

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