Need for Speed Most Wanted

Racing 2005 Windows Electronic Arts Car simulation Gran Turismo Sports

The most wanted NFS

Need For Speed is one of few game series, besides any of the sports games, to have such a long history and to spawn more than ten games and still continue to live on. While most game series have their hits and misses, the recent Need For Speed series has more misses than misses and the fans just had enough of the series. But I haven't lost faith and continue to hope that the But for now, I would like to talk about the game, that most fans consider to be the best Need for Speed game in the series: Most Wanted! Who can blame them? It's absolutely the best game in the series and is still cherished by the fans. I had so much fun with this game, that I completely forgot the ones that followed. It has awesome graphics, a nice storyline and a gameplay so addicting that you will beg for more.First of all, what's the story about? Well, you're a new street racer who tries to make a name for yourself. After losing unfairly against Razor, the antagonist of the game, and lose your car to him, you trying to raise the ranks of the Black List and race against Razor for a second time to get your car back. It's not so interesting, but it's get so as you progress. The gameplay is similar like in its predecessors, but with a few improvements. First of all, you NITRO refills in time, so you no longer have to dangerous stunts to refill it. You even have a slow-motion bar, which will help you in same scenarios and you will end up using it a lot. Just like NITRO, it refills in time. But the best feature of gameplay is the cop chases. At first, it seems very easy to outrun them, but as your HEAT meter increases, you'll catch the attention of more aggressive cops, making the chase more intense. The races are okay, but I hate that you no longer have drifting events, which is my favorite event in any racing game. The car customization is a bit cheap and doesn't make your cars much cooler. Underground 2 and even Carbon had better car customization, but luckily here it's not that bad. If you're not feeling like doing the career mode, you can always do a single race or to complete the challenges that require in racing or outrunning the cops. All in all, Need for Speed Most Wanted is the game that everyone has to play. It's fun, it offers an interesting story and, you know it, it's the king of Need for Speed! everyone has to play. It's fun, it offers an interesting story and, you know it, it's the king of Need for Speed!

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