Need for Speed

Racing 1994 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Car simulation Gran Turismo

Fast, sleek and unforgettable!

Boosting about your ability to drive on certain tracks in Need for Speed without ever taking your finger off the accelerator, that is the kind of monster that this very first NFS title had created! The series had debuted with a very well put together title; lots of cars, lots of urban (mostly) tracks, and also, a very satisfying and well produced build; this is why the game was such a huge success; it was the perfect computer racer in an arcade style, without however being dumbed down. Nope, it was well produced,, it offered you sufficient diversity and a feeling that even if your car was not behaving as in the real world, a lot still depended on your driving, and, especially, on learning the tracks in advance. The game had a great single player experience, but also a mean multiplayer, which allowed one to play the game as well as possible, and thus, get your revenge against boasting individuals that though they could play better than you1 Graphically it also stood out, as fast, pixelated yet just enough not to inconvenience you, and always beautiful and satisfying. Download also Need for Speed 2, for a moderate, yet well deserved graphic upgrade, and just as great a gameplay feel.

A star is born

The Need for Speed series has proved to be THE best racing game series in the history on the industry. With its fantastic graphics, incredibly realistic gameplay and a great selection of cars and tons of other features, its very easy to make this conclusion. This original game is the first and the model for all others to come, respectively. Even though the game came out in 1994, it featured spoken commentaries and in-depth characteristics of each vehicle and even short video clips that show the interior and exterior of the car. Needless to say, one needed a powerful machine to run the game back then! The game features 8 cars on seven tracks, a police circuit mode where you have to be careful how to drive if you don't want to get a ticket, fully detailed race information and game statistics and more. And this is only the first game in the series! The best feature of the game is probably the soundtrack, which consists out of a huge amount of techno songs in high quality mp3, to fully maximize the gaming experience. While a bit outdated to our standards, the graphics were one of the best of the time. Truly, entire the Need For Speed series is one masterpiece and this game is where it all came from. Absolutely perfect!

Starting the legendary NFS game series

This game is the beginning of a truly legendary game series that has revolutionized racing games, race a lamborghini, ferrari, viper, and even more cars in several tracks, but beware of the police. This game works well with dosbox and you will really experience the original NFS.

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