Need for Speed: ProStreet

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Repetitive gameplay = many disappointed players

Need for Speed: Pro Street was a game all people talked about while in development, sadly a lot of players were left disappointed. Pro Street had so much potential, with a great selection of cars and great racing atmospheres. What let Pro Street down was the repetitive gameplay, there's a total of 3 events through out the entire career, Race, Drag and Drift. Race mode has 2 different types of races, one of them being on an actual race track and the other being on a desert freeway. As advertised Pro Street was going to have no rubberband AI in any part of the game with realistic physics, you'll find while racing in the game many of the AI will total their car and the wreck will not be removed the entire race, causing you to beware of hazards on the race track. This will happen every race, and eventually you'll know when it will happen. Another flaw is the prize money, there's not enough of it, you'll find yourself doing the same race over and over again to gain extra money to buy a faster machine or upgrades and that just totally wrecks the game for me. Once completed you can go back and make your own challenges and races pack to compete in with all the kings (boss) cars. Too bad it get's rather stale quickly... Otherwise the graphics are great, every Need for Speed title has great looking, colour, processed graphics that are fantastic to look at, but the lesson is still not learnt "better graphics doesn't make a better game". It's a good time waster, but really not worth time to complete.

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