Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair

Puzzle 2002 Windows Plaid Banana Entertainment Education Adventure style

Puzzle adventure with a learning theme

It is a puzzle based educational adventure which has a fantasy theme to it. The first good feature about the game is that it involves 3D graphics and is full of colors which provide an attractive experience as you play this fun adventure. The character in the game is Meet Ollo which is cute ball which is made up of clay and has two eyes on it. It lives in a farm valley where a festival is about to be conducted. The ball helps out a friend name rose in making a large tomato but things get a bit shaky as round thing are bound to roll. Most of the characters in the game are 3D and have been given a clay like look. The interface also features a clay like look and the main character does not do much of a talking. There are many things to click on and you will collect marbles. The game has a learning and exploration theme to it and also involves puzzles which are both logical and fun. The controls in the game are responsive and the A1 is quite good. You have a pretty decent game here at your disposal.

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