Treasure Galaxy

Puzzle 1995 Dos The Learning Co. Education Adventure style

A colorful sidescroller shooter in space

Space exploration doesn't always have to be so serious as a gaming subject matter. And so, in this one, Treasure Galaxy you will pay this cartoonish space shooter and explorer, a very nice mix of totally wacky elements, but also a few staples of the genre that make this one truly interesting to look into. Sure enough, Treasure Galaxy is not the most polished game out there, but that which it does well, it truly does very well! That makes for a totally productive experience, and, also, a game that is great for long plays as well as for short burst of play, you know, for your breaks. Also, the game adds a bit more to the recipe than just shooting. There are also a few elements of adventure sprinkled about, which adds to the general feel of the game, making it a much more interesting and longer lived game. Also, graphically, Treasure Galaxy is pretty great: it has these cartoon characters and space ships, and the black void of space gets some color as well, which adds to the enjoyment of it all. Play it and have, say, a game such as Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-o-Rama around if you feel like taking the ultra colorful fun back to earth but don't want to give noen of the eye candy up!

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