Pokemon Project Studio: Red Version

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Design studio bundle, Pokemon based!

If you are still under the influence of Pokemon, and feel that you need to add more Pokemon into your life, then this mini studio bundle can be exactly what you need, to take that love to the next level. So, yeah, this is not a game, this is a visual studio kind of deal, where you can produce all sort of visual materials, presentation, invitation letters, tattoos, stickers, cards, certificates, whatever you can think of, really. Sure, it has the right templates, so you never really have to worry about that kind of thing, but, surely, Pokemon Project Studio: Red Version is quite an able visual tool. Of course it contains as many Pokemons as you could wish for, about 600 graphics, about 81 Pokemons and a library of about 250 different project templates, ready to be used, where your only input is the text bits. Surely, such a product cannot be used in no professional manner, but it will prove more than enough for your casual fun project. Oh, and the Blue Version is also nice packing another assortment of Pokemons, pertaining to the Blue version of the games. Phew, quite a mouthful to keep track of!

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