Pipe Mania

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Get your pipe on

The original Pipe Mania (or Pipe Dreams as it's also known) is a classic slice of puzzle gaming that is almost addictive as the mighty Tetris and makes for a wonderfully entertaining time when you have a few minutes to spare. This modern remake is effectively the same game but adds in a more mission-based structure as well as a few new modes to give it some more appeal and it too is a fine choice for anyone looking for some compelling puzzle fun. This remake adds in a sort of storyline to the game which tells how the plumber from the original game has now retired to a desert island but which suffers from some pipe-related problems. Calling in his kids to fix things, it now falls to you to sort things out. The basic gameplay is the same as ever, requiring you to connect pieces of pipe while water flows through them. Mess things up and it's game over. The changes here include missions which can be played several times to get higher scores and with points unlocking achievements and treasures while you've also got a multiplayer mode which is a lot of fun. Pipe Mania is one of those remakes which does a pretty decent job of updating what was already a great game. The essential gameplay is untouched and is addictive as ever, requiring nerves of steel and quick reactions, while the addition of the new modes and mission-based structure works surprisingly well. The multiplayer mode is perhaps the best way to play and makes an already great game even better but even solo this ranks as a fine puzzler.

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