Princess Maker

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Gainax Oriental Mature Content

A definitive Japanese role playing masterpiece

All the quirks and all the weirdness of Japanese games has been poured into Princess Maker the first, a trait to be continued and explored by further iterations down the line, in Princess Maker 2. The game might almost be considered a niche market product, as it offers the player the chance to raise a girl and prepare her to become a princess as she grows up. At the start however, the player, as a father to the child, will pick her name, blood type (talk about quirks!) as well as age. No, you are not the natural father to the girl, she is an orphan who will be raise by you. Just like a more complex Sims game you will have to take into account the various moods and states of the girl. Yes, growing up is as difficult as you would imagine and you have to be careful at times and make the right choices. These choices are defined as icons and as conversation options, and they can all have a lower or greater impact on your protege, so you have to pay attention to her to make sure she doesn't make bad choices. While the girl's happiness is the players ultimate goal, there are many more factors that need to be dialed in, from diets and fatness or skinniness to more complex factors such as education and so on. So, basically, Princess Maker makes you responsible for the life of a virtual child, and boy, can it feel daunting at times! But, ultimately, that is the beauty of the game, the feeling that you have an impact on the virtual girl, and it is this that makes the game so interesting.

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