The Sims

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If you want to play God

With a lot of expansion packs, The Sims is one those games where playing God can be fun altough the game can gets repetitive later on, being forced to do the same exact thing. Thankfully this is just a minor complaint and doesn't ruin the gaming experience due to the many expansion packs that came after this game. For those of you who haven't played any of The Sims games, here's a quick summary: you create a family or if you don't like multitasking you can create just a person, choose where to live in a neighbourhood and, well, taking care of him: finding him a job, make some friends and pretty much taking care of his needs, like hunger, hygiene etc. This is very fun, having the possibility to customize your house at your leisure (as long as you have the money). Making parties or just inviting some people over to your house is quite entertaining. One of the most repetitive things found in this game is making sure that your Sim is happy, which is easier said than done. Organizing to have fun and getting some rest in order to go to work is a little annoying unless you organise all your activities well. I would really like to congratulate EA for bringing The Sims to our own computers and consoles and would like to see more Sims games. If you're a gamer that love simulation games, than this game is a must-have!

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