QuarterPole Plus

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Horse racing action game

If you come to think about it, simulating a race horse competition digitally can be quite hard. You cannot keep speeding pedal to the metal, as the horse has its own stamina, you cannot simulate impacts or course corrections that are instant as the horse should be much in control of that. If you only simulate the interactions of the jockey with the horse, you are left with the quandary of what is significant in their relationship and what is only incidental. Well, QuarterPole Plus manages to find a very good solution, in pitting you with a game that is both an arcade take on horse racing, while also taking into consideration the characteristics of the horse, stamina power, small but powerful increases in speed, and other such elements, while keeping the controls palatable and simple to learn. Graphically the game is also good enough, offering you just a good enough representation to keep you playing for long, if you like the premise. So, for an almost modern racing simulation, QuarterPole Plus is the game you may want to try.

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