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For diehard horse racing fans only

Quarterpole is something of a rarity in the gaming world, as it explores something not known for being translated into electronic form: the ancient and noble sport of horse racing. Despite the lack of competition, it is hard to recommend Quarterpole today, given its lack of any actual gameplay or enjoyment value. On paper, things sound fine, with over a thousand horses to race, plenty of jockeys and trainers to choose from and a wide selection of races, cups and classics to enter. The game takes a managerial perspective, with players involved in every aspect of their horse's competitive life, from purchase to training and racing. The outcomes of races are affected by numerous factors, including weather, past performance and training and the game uses a real-world betting system, which makes use of expert tips to add authenticity. The game is presented nicely, with a great deal of detail on display in its options, while graphics are attractive and full of personality. However, this can't really disguise the fact that unless you are a hardcore racing fan, there is little here that can really be considered a game and things soon become pretty dull. If you are after a better horse racing sim, try Final Stretch instead.

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