Search and Rescue

Simulation 1997 Windows InterActive Vision Life simulation Helicopter Civil

3D helicopter sim, rescue mission based and lots of fun!

Search and Rescue is a helicopter sim that doesn't focus on the world of the combat helicopter ins and outs, instead it focuses on other types of civilian missions, mainly find and rescue missions. Therefore, your main problems will have to do with wind, with weather conditions, with the spotting of your targets, and with careful, well managed descending and ascension of your helicopter, so as to make sure that you don't get into trouble or that you risk the civilian's lives. The game offers, I'd say, semi correct physics simulation, which is great, as the game is never too difficult to control or too out of bounds. Also, to spike it all up, the realistic missions veer towards more strange scenarios, such as UFO rescue missions and the like. But, you can't really fault the game, as it is fun even when it is less serious, and as you'd imagine, quite divers. Play it if you want a game that looks pretty modern, with great 3D graphics, and if you don't want to go into combat missions. Alternatively, see later titles, particularly Search and Rescue 4: Coastal heroes, for an even better looking game and more civilian based missions.

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