MatchBox Caterpillar Construction Zone

Simulation 1999 Windows Mattel Life simulation City simulation Civil

Drive and customize your very own Caterpillar!

Nope, this is not a caterpillar simulation as in the kind of caterpillar that is gonna crawl into a cocoon and then emerge as a sweet butterfly, nope, this is a manly man's type of deal, a simulator of the vehicle known as a caterpillar that is used to dig, to build, to crash, to demolish, and generally, to make you feel like a man, the kind that really gets to wipe the sweat off his brow after a strenuous day at work, mmm, pushing levers and joysticks! Hahaha! Yap, this isn't a game that simulates the technology that used to run on coal and used to cover you in grease, nope, this is about the modern day caterpillars that are so easy and so ergonomic that a small child could actually control them. The game gives you lots of options, the CAT dashboard (which is easy to get, accommodating and loved by caterpillar actual licensees!) and lots of tools as well as tool carriers, about 11 different tractor heads and much more. All of these amenities are packed in a good looking 3D graphical engine that screams Germany from all its pores, that is, functional and neat but none too original or flamboyant. Then again, I wonder who would want a flamboyant caterpillar simulator. Heh, I guess there must be a niche for everything. Give it a go, men and women, children and butterflies and alternatively see how you like MatchBox Caterpillar Big Dirt Movers, a game more keen on construction site cleaning and preparation.

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