Someone's in the Kitchen!

Puzzle 1996 Windows Microsoft Education

Great fun for kids

In case you can't guess from the title, this is a game very much aimed at kids and fans of simple adventures like the Freddi Fish series. If you've got young ones you need keeping quiet for a while, this is actually a pretty decent effort and provides some simple and undemanding fun. It's a little bit of a strange idea and is actually a sort of interactive kitchen that is full of all sorts of bizarrely anthropomorphised characters which help kids get into the idea of cooking. You've got the fridge who loves to mother everyone, the fussy little rubbish bin and the brave little toaster (hmm, that sounds familiar) all of whom are very helpful and have a fondness for singing. Players are encouraged to get to know all these characters so they can give them a hand when it comes to opening up the recipe book. Here you can leaf through it to find your favourite recipe and then go through the stages of actually producing it, before trying it out on the ever-willing dog. Of course, you can always be a little creative and make use of rather unusual ingredients like frogs to come up with your own twist on a classic, but be prepared for the fact that the dog might not be too fond of it. As far as kids games go, this is great stuff. It's got all the bright visuals, appealing songs and sound effects and amusing stories and jokes that younger audiences require and the production values are very high. If you've got kids in need of some entertainment this is a great choice and they are sure to love you for it, so check it out.

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