Sudoku The Mind Game

Puzzle 2006 Windows Abhijeet Meshram Brainteaser Casual

A nice, colorful graphically, Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the oldest Japanese puzzle game, in which your goal is to fill the remaining squares of each Sudoku table with number in such a way so as to allow every column to contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Thus, you get a 3x3 set of boxes, one next to another, and the total size of the square of each puzzle depends on the difficulty of the puzzle. Some puzzles have only a few numbers already completed, while others have just a few individual squares not yet filled with numbers. This specific game has an interesting looking background, that seems to suggest that it was designed either for kids or for those that appreciate a little bit of a milder graphical theme. But, the way the background looks aside, this is a very sturdy, very feature complete game. Along with the Sudoku puzzles themselves, it also contains a few extras, a tutorial, and a few other additions, such as the module that allows you to create your own Sudoku puzzles. A good alternative for the Windows environment is Simple Sudoku, which I also recommend for download for Sudoku aficionados that want more than one game option.

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