Master Mind

Puzzle 1990 Dos HVB Brainteaser

Dull guessing game

While this board-game style guessing game might have seemed clever back in the day (although it's doubtful anyone ever though it was all that great, except perhaps its creator), anyone firing it up today is going to wonder why they bothered. It really is an almost completely pointless experience so if you value your time, steer well clear of this one. The concept is simple, but while this is often a good thing (take Tetris for example), in this case it is a case of being overly simple so that any potential appeal is almost immediately lost. The objective of the game is just to guess the correct combination of four tokens, as selected by the computer. You get ten guesses, with the computer informing you after each one whether you got anything right, such as the right token but in the wrong position. By using the information gleaned from all incorrect guesses, you should be able to arrive at the right combination. That's really all there is to the game and if you get it right once, all there is to do is give it another whirl and see if you can do it any faster, so after a single playthrough, you have literally seen everything the game has to offer. Master Mind doesn't even offer anything in the way of visual interest besides a few brightly coloured images that are used for the tokens and while this wouldn't be a problem if the gameplay was actually fun, unfortunately, it isn't. It's more an exercise in programming than anything else, almost entirely lacking in any entertainment value that couldn't be found in playing the same game with a friend and using pen and paper. Avoid.

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