Take Command: 2nd Manassas

Strategy 2006 Windows Norb Software Development LLC Historical Organized forces War Indie Simulation Real time strategy

Relive history

Despite the complete difference in name, this is a sequel to the similarly themed The Battle of Bull Run and which is a generally decent example of the historical strategy game. Like its predecessor, this is an American Civil War-set experience which focuses on a specific battle and which is well worth looking into if you're a bit of a history buff. This one is a real-time affair which features around twenty campaign missions where the results affect how the following missions unfolds. You've also got an extensive range of what-if scenarios which allow you to play out some situations which didn't occur historically but which might have been. There are eight different maps to play on, each of which is modelled accurately on historical records while all the units and weapons included here are also about as authentic as you could hope them to be. The game is very much a large-scale affair and concentrates on serious strategy as it would have been required in the real battles so there's no resource gathering or producing of units here and instead you'll rely on the actual troops which would have been available at the time. For the most part, this is a fine example of the genre. It's certainly accessible enough, thanks to the straightforward interface but its slow pace might put some gamers off. However, if you want something to sink your teeth into and relish the idea of getting deep into the strategy, then this is a very rewarding experience. It's certainly not the flashiest game out there but in terms of content, it's tough to beat.

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