Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade

Strategy 2005 Windows 1C Company Historical Alternate History War Real time strategy

What if...?

This is a sort of combination sequel/expansion pack to the interesting real-time strategy game that is Aftermath. The original isn't a classic but its mix of alternate history, strategy and action make it a solid, if not entirely memorable option. This one continues in largely the same vein, so if you did enjoy Aftermath, you should get a kick out of this. The game takes place in 1967, five years after the Cuban Missile Crisis but which turned into a small but devastating nuclear war. Now, much of the world lies in smoking ruins, while global warming has made the rest of it uninhabitable. As US forces have moved south to escape the danger, this has left a route for the Soviets to break west and seize valuable ground. The game allows you to play as either the US or the Russians, with 25 missions in total split between them. There are also more than twenty new units to make use of, including some pretty spiffy self-propelled mortars, tanks and choppers. The gameplay is a mix of turn-based and real-time elements, and while it is certainly interesting, it does suffer from similar flaws to the original. It's very much a game for the more dedicated strategy fan, as the missions do get quite drawn out, so you will require patience to get the most out of things. However, the missions themselves are generally enjoyable, being both challenging and stimulating, with plenty to keep your attention. The visuals do a nice job of bringing the post-apocalyptic world to life, and the control system is pretty easy to pick up, so check this out if you're looking for a new strategy experience.

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