The Weakest Link

Puzzle 2001 Windows Activision Game show


There's no prizes for guessing what you're getting yourself into if you pick up this game, but even if you are into things like Wheel of Fortune and other computerized adaptations of game shows, this is pretty run of the mill stuff. It's almost certainly not worth bothering with if you're playing by yourself as the single-player mode is pretty pointless but if you can scrounge up some friends, there's some mild entertainment to be had, but it all wears thin rather quickly. As you might expect, this is based on the long-running TV that pits contestants against one another with the goal of winning money by answering questions but where a lack of popularity (or too much intelligence) can get you voted off the game before you've had your chance to shine. This one sticks pretty closely to the TV format and is basically a digitized re-run, making use of various video clips and other flashy bits of presentation in order to spice things up a bit. And it's here that the game really falls down. Although it certainly looks the part and will have you believing you're taking part in the show, there's simply too much sitting around watching clips and waiting for various things to happen, and not enough actual answering questions, which is going to get frustrating for quiz hounds quickly. Things are better in the multi-player mode as you can have some fun getting the answers wrong with your chums but you still have to put up with the repetitive sound bits which are very grating. All in all, perhaps only for the most diehard of fans of the show.

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