Titan Quest

RPG 2007 Windows Nordic Games Myth and legend Action based 3D action adventure Action

Revenge of the fallen

Here comes another take on the classic Diablo and Sacred formula of dungeon crawling hack 'n' slash adventuring. Surprisingly enough, this one isn't just a complete copy and actually proves to be worthy of closer inspection by anyone interested in something similar but a little different. As you might guess from the title, this one throws you into a mythological world where the Titans once fought against the Gods and which resulted in victory for the Gods and banishment for the Titans. However, the Titans have now escaped and are wreaking havoc so if falls to a lone hero to step up and save the day. That's you of course, and what follows is a fairly familiar looking hack 'n' slash romp. You start out by creating a character and then must make your way through a series of environments killing all that stands in your way. Most of the usual elements are present, including quests, professions, oodles of weapons and gear, and plenty of loot. The whole thing is based on a number of real-world mythologies so there's lots of info here which makes it quite educational as well as entertaining. For the most part this is a lot of fun to play. The hacking and slashing is well done and generally quite exciting, with plenty to keep you busy and which is quite satisfying. It's not the most difficult game in the world but this is made up for by the excellent class system and the top notch visuals which are much better than those usually seen in such games. There's also a nice lack of the boring stuff that you often find in this sort of thing so if you are a fan of the genre, this has much to recommend it.

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