World Cup 98

Sport 1998 Windows Electronic Arts

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Not as good as Fifa 98

Altough the game is a successor of FIFA Road to World cup 98 and it's supposed to use the same engine, it's not as good as that. The graphics looks pretty similar but the level of playability does not feel the same. World Cup 98 is the official soccer game by EA Sports for the soccer world cup held that year in France. Intro and cut scenes will make you live again that hot summer with the possibility to pick one of the national team that participated that year and try to bring it to the final match. You can play with a keyword, but it does not feel as natural as with a joypad. There are 6 main keys and 2 specials button, so it can get a bit difficult on a keyboard. However it won't be too much difficult to start if you're already used to these kind of games. The AI is the biggest limitation, and you will notice by the fact that's too easy to score. The "simulation" part of the game is far to be realistic. It deserves to be mentioned the nice soundtrack selection that's a famous song by Chambawamba, a music group of late 90s. Finally, if you're looking for a nice soccer simulation, definitely stick with Fifa 98.

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