FIFA 98 Road to World Cup

Sport 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer World competition

Playable, not many bells and whistles, but well executed

If you want to experience the 98 FIFA championship season, this is a great game to set about doing just that. It's a modern era action soccer game, in 3D, with a nice graphical outlook going for itself; a game that makes the most out of itself. And by that I mean that it doesn't have any important issues. It was produced in a period where Electronic Arts was still in the business of making games, especially sports, soccer games, that didn't need some big time feature to sell. Nope, because of that the entire game is well produced, with no bits sticking out and with no obnoxious, repellent bit to get in the way. Also, the teams are pretty diverse, because they are stat based and actually the differences are noticeable. The animations though are not as spectacular or as interesting as the ones in some other future games, but they work well enough, which is all you can ask of a 98 game really. So, for smooth, dynamic and overall enjoyable soccer gameplay, the 98 season can be just as great as any other, basically from 96 to 97 and this game, only the graphics had suffered slight improvements, while the gameplay remained pretty much the same throughout.

A legendary soccer game

FIFA 98 Road to World Cup is a soccer sports game, published by Electronic Arts, and following FIFA 97. Electronic Arts is one of the leader companies that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. The main menu lets you choose between friendly match, league, training, penalty shootout, the road to the World Cup, you may select your team, stadium, the difficulty and weather conditions. Because of the popular event occurred in 1998, I am sure most of you have chosen France as your team, or as the opponent one. The modes are Amateur, Professional and World Class, and I recommend the last two ones, because they are more challenging , providing more fun. The ambient is dynamic, very well rendered by the crowd cheers and commentators, and the gameplay is smooth and faster than the previous games. FIFA 98 is pretty much the same as its prequel, so there aren't many things to add about it. The graphics are average, but the cinematics are realistic and well animated, and the soundtrack is awesome. You can manage your team from the strategy point of view, and not only this. The atmosphere offers you a great football experience, so don't miss this legendary game full of entertaining tournaments that prevent you from getting bored!

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