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Abenteuer Europa (pc game)
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Who said politics was boring?

Although unrelated in theme to the similarly titled Abenteuer Atlantis, this obscure German games shares many similarities, not least of which is that both games are promotional titles. The other game was made for food manufacturer Knorr but this one was rather bizarrely aimed at getting the public interested in the 1994 voting for the European Parliament. Both games are also adventure-style experiences, which play out like Cruise for a Corpse and such titles and surprisingly enough, this one is actually quite decent. The player takes control of a journalist who finds himself traveling through Europe on the trail of a mysterious conspiracy which revolves around organized crime. You get to explore various locations dotted around Europe while solving genre-standard inventory puzzles. There are also multiple choice conversations to engage in, but they don't really change the outcome of the story and if you get the wrong response, you simply get to go through it all again until you nail it. There are also some educational-style facts to read as you travel around (don't forget, this was supposed to make people interested in politics). This actually turns out to be quite a fun little adventure that manages to transcend its political leanings. It's not exactly Fate of Atlantis or Monkey Island but it's pretty accessible and has some solid, if uninspiring puzzles to solve. The visuals too are quite nice, with lovely environments and characters that pack a lot of personality. The game doesn't take itself too seriously either so for something a little unusual, take a look here.