Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Humorous Movie style Point and click Historical

One of the seminal Indiana Jones adventures

Rarely fans of feature movies are as vocal and as defensive in terms of their love for their characters or in terms of their love for a series then the Indiana Jones fans have been. So, in that respect, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is the perfect game for fans of the feature movies, because, as old as it might be, it still is part of the third generation of adventure games of the Lucas Arts ensemble, probably the most rewarding and creative stages in the studio's life. And so, the multi option interface is still there, but that won't be off-putting to you, nope, because 90 percent of all interactions are pretty clear, given that you have at least a bit of history with it. Other than that, this is a mysterious game, filled with great, medium difficulty puzzles for most of the part and the occasional brain scorcher puzzle, hehe! Graphically? Well, graphically it looks great, without a question, a cleaner, more colorful Indiana Jones game than others. So, for lovers of classic platforming adventuring and for fans of well put together games, full stop, this is it. Evidently, the other Indiana Jones adventures are just as deserving of a revisit, as well.

The classic Indy adventure game

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is one of the adventure games regarded by the critics as a classic one, because of its potential to remain popular for a long time. The plot brings again the beloved archaeology professor, in his way to solve another mystery, that implies a small statue. The point-and-click interface allows you to interact with various objects, people, and you can also use your inventory of items. In fact, the puzzles are based on the inventory, and the commands are: Walk to, Pick up, Talk to. The puzzles require a lot of concentration, and you will probably get stuck for days at some missions, like me, for example. One thing that annoyed me was the inability to save the progress whenever I wanted to. As a consequence, when you die, you will restart the mission from the beginning, and your whole effort is gone with the wind. In fact, this is one of the most inconvenient elements that I deal with in some videogames, stopping me from enjoying entirely the experience. The storyline is captivating and it will bring a lot of surprises in your way of solving puzzles and mysteries. Oh, I forgot to mention the fighting mode. This feature enables when you approach an enemy, but is your choice if you want to knock him out. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a masterpiece and is the perfect game especially for oldschool players.

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