Tequila & Boom Boom

Puzzle 1995 Dos Dosbox Dynabyte Cartoon Adventure style

Adventuring in the Old West

It's a far cry from classic point and click adventures like Monkey Island and Discworld, but if it's humorous, cartoon-style hi-jinks that you're looking for, this bizarrely named title might just fit the bill. Taking the Old West as its narrative starting point, the game then populates it with a variety of bizarre characters and weaves a curious but never less than intriguing story around it all. The plot revolves around the evil Mr. Vyle, a sort of cattle baron who lords it over the inhabitants of a Western border town, including the beautiful Melissa. However, when Tequila and Boom Boom, a lynx and a bear respectively, show up, all that is about to change as the two of them out to bring an end to Vyle's plans and rescue the girl and the town. What follows is a classically style point and click adventure which utilises a very simple interface for movement and the solving of puzzles, while also throwing in a few simple arcade games for good measure. The real draw here is the visuals and they are undeniably lovely to look at, with a proper cartoony approach that has the feel of a Disney animated movie. The characters are well drawn and animated while the environments do a great job of bringing the Old West to life. The script too is pretty well written, with some delightfully off-beat humor that should at least raise a few smiles. The puzzles themselves aren't amazing, but they are generally logical enough to keep you interested, while the arcade sequences add some nice variety, thus making this a fine, if not quite classic, adventure.

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