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Diplo (pc game)
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Amateur programmed sidescroller; really tight

Diplo is the work of an independent programmer with a love for the DOS period and the sidescrollers that it produced, the kind that were available during the heyday of the shareware scene. So, what you can expect from this game here is a truly competent and beautiful game, where you go from one side of the screen to the next, to the end, and on the path you collect jewels, keys and anything that might shine or look... appetizing! Having been produced and released around the mid 2000s, the graphics and the gameplay are without question a nod to the past, so you won't get anything too novel, but rather a super cool retro game, that will remind of Xargon and of Commander Keen, both of them beautiful and well realized games. So, overall, Diplo is classic in build, playable on modern OSes and a lovely, passion game, which, while staying true to the recipes of the older sidescrollers of yore, is undeniably super playable and so much fun! Have it in your collection for when you feel like revisiting the 90s, but don't want to mingle with DosBox and the like.