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Football Manager 98 (pc game)
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A fine soccer manager game

It is another soccer management game which is not a revolutionary one in the genre but is very much like the good soccer management games. The first trait to talk about in the game is that the management dynamics are realistic and have been well synced with the gameplay. The things which you will do as a team manager is to first assemble a good team after considering the player stats or their career performance. You will have to polish their skills through making them go through training sessions and allowing them to get a grip on their dominant traits. You will also be focusing on the infrastructure of the practice stadiums for your players. The game also gives you a very good player editor through which you can edit the looks of your players and can enhance their skills. Apart from the managerial action, the game also has a good soccer on field action which is supported by some very good graphics and fine animations. This trait makes the game get closer to the best in this category but there are still far better ones that you can play. The game can be best felt when you play it and it will not disappoint you. A superior version to it is the Football Manager 2000.