Football Manager 2000

Sport 2000 Windows Fraser King Soccer Team management

Absorbing soccer management sim

This game does exactly what it says on the tin and provides avid soccer fans with the chance to take control of their favourite team and see if they have what it takes to get them to the top of the league. While the game is obviously dated in terms of its players, it remains an enjoyable and detailed management sim that is well worth digging out. There is little focus on the actual game of soccer here, so if you are looking for more action, then check out Kick Off, Sensible Soccer or FIFA, but if you do play this, you will find yourself involved in every aspect of running a team. Everything from making changes to your stadium, to picking season objectives, managing your finances and hiring support staff is included here, along with tactical decisions and trades. Although you don't have any actual control over your players during matches, you can issue commands to them from the sidelines, which really adds to the game's realistic flavour. If you're looking for a solid football management sim with a retro feel, this is tough to beat. The interface is extremely well designed, making the game highly accessible, but which features a great deal of depth, and which offers a lot of options. Visually, the game might not offer a lot of flash, but that's not really important when the gameplay is so absorbing and here Football Manager 2000 truly scores. It is undeniably exciting following your team's fortunes as they progress through the season and the game offers up some interesting tactical decision making opportunities to really keep players on their toes. If you have any interest in soccer, sports or management sims, then this is a must play.

A solid football game

Football Manager 2000 is one of the many FM games and is the sequel to the Football Manager 99. You have a great variety of team choices and the squat details are mainly correct from the real life ones. As in real life, you have to pay the player to play for you, and you have to bid to get him if you really want him in your team. The sound and graphics are greatly improved from the 1999 one. The menus are very detailed and the options are various. You can play in single player mode or go online. The gameplay is mainly drag 'n drop, so maybe the bad thing is that you cant move your players with keyboard arrows, like in most soccer games. The game is challenging since the AI is really well written. All in all, the game has a lot to improve (which it has in the future), but still it is a solid soccer game simulation which will bring fun to all football fans but if you're up to something more modern, check out Football Manager 2005 or some newer version.

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