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Survivor: Ultimate Edition (pc game)
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  • build your tribe and vote members out
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Survive this!

The short-lived series of titles based on the Survivor TV show must have seemed like a good way to cash in on what was obviously an extremely lucrative opportunity. However, all three games in the series, the original Survivor particularly, are absolutely wretched experiences that are so poorly put together that they must have taken all of five minutes to conceive and execute. This second game isn't as bad as it's predecessor but it's still entirely lacking in anything that would make anyone want to voluntarily waste their time on it. In similar fashion to the TV show, you find yourself out in the bush with a bunch of other wannabe stars and in order to emerge victorious, you have to be the last one standing. This involves completing a number of challenges, which include memory games, shooting, trivia and word hunts, but in between these you also have to interact with the other survivors in an effort to make yourself as likable as possible so that you don't get voted off. While in the real show, not getting voted off results in some kind of tangible prize, here you can't help but hope that you do get kicked out as soon as possible, as at least that way you won't have to play any more of this sad excuse for a game. This literally gets nothing right, from the abysmally dull and simple challenges which are just not enjoyable in any way, to the low rent visuals that are embarrassing and ugly. The sound fares no better, the controls are just about bearable but on the whole, this has to go down as a complete waste of time.