Globetrotter 2

Puzzle 2001 Windows Manaccom Word or trivia Education Cartoon

Trivia buffs rejoice!

Packing an impressive amount of both fun and educational content, Globetrotter 2 is a fine slice of edutainment that deserves to be checked out by anyone with youngsters in need of brushing up on their geography, history and culture. Similar to the Backpacker series, this one tasks players with becoming the President of the Globetrotter Society by exploring the world and completing missions to improve their world knowledge. As you travel the world, you must visit the Globetrotter Society building in each city picking up your task, which generally involves the likes of taking pictures of specified animals or landmarks. However, it's not all that simple and you must also take into account elements such as money, buying film for your camera and actually locating somewhere to get it from. Your travels also reduce your energy so you need to find hotels to replenish it or to answer random trivia questions, while you can also pick up money by finding work. Globetrotter 2 really is up there with the finest edutainment titles like Headline Harry, Cross Country Canada and Carmen Sandiego thanks to its mix of clever and inventive gameplay and lovely visuals. The combination of factors which contribute to success make the game challenging while the huge range of questions on a variety of subjects will keep you coming back for more. The graphics are nicely detailed and really bring the idea of world exploration to life and help boost the game's appeal even further. It's perhaps not a game for everyone, with those looking for action likely to find it tedious, but if you enjoy testing your world knowledge, this one comes highly recommended,

A fun educational game for the whole family

A sequel to the very interesting education game Globetrotter, this one is much more detailed, interesting and fun. It is a very original and fun way of teaching about geography, culture and traditions of the whole world. The more you play the game, the more challenging it gets and more you learn. Solve missions or answer trivia geography questions to get money, buy film and camera and go around the world shooting beautiful pictures to solve quests, the ultimate goal being to climb the social scale and become the President of the Globetrotter Society. The game is perfect for both kids and adults, since both will have a good challenge and will learn a lot about the worlds history, culture and position in return for their effort. Perfect for geography lovers willing to expand their knowledge. The graphics have been greatly improved from the original and the pictures are really realistic and beautiful with high quality animation. Gameplay is very easy and user friendly. Highly recommended to all! For other education games, try any of the fantasic Super Solver games.

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